Authentic Hoodie and Nike Foamposite Spiderman ed.

A new release of the Authentic premium pullover black hoodie with a red and blue print. Is a perfect color combination for the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-man”.

A tri-tone upper sees red, black and blue hues highlight the wavy Foam construction, with the respective tones also working their way into the trim. Black and blue gradient graces the outsole on this vivid comic book colorway, with carbon fiber responsiveness also present.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-man” ┬árelease on February 8, 2014. So make sure to pick up this matching hoodie if you plan to purchase the new spiderman foamposites or simply want to keep warm with this premium

2 Responses to "Authentic Hoodie and Nike Foamposite Spiderman ed."

  1. robert says:

    Where do I get spider man clothing for foamposites

  2. Magu says:

    Hello Robert you can check out the shop page where you will find the sweater to match the spiderman foamposites